Nivel Announces the Launch of the MadJax Storm

Nivel Announces the Launch of the MadJax Storm

Innovative New Body Kit Offers both Practicality and Style for Dealers and Consumers

Jacksonville, FL– January 14, 2021

Nivel Specialty Vehicles, the leader in aftermarket golf car parts and accessories, today announced the launch of the MadJax Storm, an all-new body kit for the popular E-Z-GO® TXT® golf car.

The Nivel Specialty Vehicles product team created the MadJax Storm with the needs of the dealers in mind. “From a dealer-facing standpoint, we wanted to make something that is easy,” said Matt Fields, Nivel SV’s Group Product Manager. In addition to the MadJax Storm’s unique, automotive body style, its modular construction allows for more efficient packaging, shipping, and is easier to service and repair. With the MadJax Storm, dealers can now remove and replace the individual sections which are damaged, rather than having to swap out an entire body. The MadJax Storm will offer a fresh color palette, with options such as Sea Storm blue and Cement Gray. The kit will also include a front cowl, grille, rear body trunk cover and a full Storm Light Kit which will be the first light kit in the golf car industry to offer reverse lights.

The MadJax Storm is part of a two-year transformation at Nivel Specialty Vehicles to create an R&D and product engineering capability, drive innovation and build top-tier house brands. Included in this effort was a new brand identity for MadJax Storm, its premium brand, which launched at the 2020 PGA Merchandise Show. “The MadJax Storm will be followed by many more upcoming product launches in 2021 that will showcase true innovation for the aftermarket golf car parts industry,” according to Aric Singletary, VP of Engineering and Product Development.

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