Nivel Acquires Aftermarket PTV Parts E-commerce Platform Performance Plus Carts

Nivel Acquires Aftermarket PTV Parts E-commerce Platform Performance Plus Carts

Jacksonville, FL– June 1, 2021

Nivel Parts & Mfg Co LLC today announced that it has acquired, Performance Plus Carts, a leading golf car parts and accessories e-commerce platform focused on providing customers a seamless digital strategy. The purchase brings together Nivel’s strong product portfolio and distribution capabilities with PPCs expertise in the e-commerce space.

Nivel recognizes the importance of the ever-growing digital market. Through the acquisition of Performance Plus Carts, Nivel gains insights and best practice to achieve success in today’s e-commerce space.

Performance Plus Carts will integrate into Nivels e-commerce lineup. Donnie Jouppi, PPC’s president and founder, will be joining us as the VP of Digital experience leading Nivel’s transformation in the digital arena. “I am very excited to be a part of the Nivel team, by leveraging the strengths of both PPC and Nivel I am confident we will lead the way creating the best digital experience in the industry.”

About Nivel

Founded in 1968, Nivel is a global manufacturer, distributor, and seller of aftermarket parts and accessories for niche vehicles and heavy-duty equipment. It is a trusted business partner to thousands of dealers, distributors, and consumers in the US and international markets. Nivel owns the most valuable brands in the aftermarket niche vehicle parts and accessories categories: MadJax, Red Dot, GTW, Jake’s, Reliance, Seizmik and Highlifter.

About Performance Plus Carts

Performance Plus Carts, a leading e-commerce platform, offers customers a seamless digital experience when searching online for PTV parts and accessories. Since 2010 PPC have grown in to one of the fastest growing privately held companies in America as featured by INC Magazine. Starting out in a garage, PPC has grown through exceptional customer service, experience, and expertise.